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The Shee An Gannon & The Gruagach Gaire

I've begun uploading my web comic, The Shee An Gannon & The Gruagach Gaire, to my website. You can find the latest page here http://www.ubutopia.com/ and the first page here http://www.ubutopia.com/SheeAnGannon/Shee01.html

My goal is to add a page a week, we'll see how that goes.  I don't have a comment section on the pages, so email me and let me know what you think.


Comics Philosophy & Practice

What an unbelievable experience--Robert Crumb, Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Gary Panter, Dan Clowes, Seth, Ivan Brunetti, Alison Bechdel, Linda Barry (and more), all in Chicago for the Comics Philosophy & Practice conference at the University of Chicago.  I not only got the opportunity to see Robert Crumb, I also drew him.  And I finally met Chris Ware!  What an epic day for the Chicago comics community!


The Hound & the Musch now on sale at Quimby's

The Hound & the Musch on Quimby's shelf, next to Powdered Milk #5

I'm very happy to write that The Hound & the Musch is now available through/at Quimby's, one of the best comics stores on the planet.  On top of that, Edie Fake wrote a fantastic synopsis for their site:
Untethered from syntax in a cigar roll sunset scratch, Scott Roberts' Grimm adaptation is a Humpty Dumpty hole-in-the-bucket story with an alarmingly high body count. -EF



the Hound and the Musch

These are a few sample panels from my comic The Hound & The Musch.  It's a total of 14 pages, completed in August 2011.


the Shee an Gannon

This is a panel from a comic that's currently on hold while I work on Pigboy.


the Hound and the Musch concept drawings

These are concept drawings for characters and props appearing in The Hound & The Musch.

the musch
the hound
the voorman
the wife and baby
cart and horse
hatching research